The Better Choice


We believe that you should have a choice between ATT, Spectrum, and Bratenahl Fiber, and we support your right to stick with your current internet provider for as long as you choose. Even for those Bratenahl Place residents who are not ready to make a change in their home, supporting Bratenahl Fiber is important because marketplace competition benefits everyone; it reliably lowers prices in all observed markets.

The list of reasons to choose Bratenahl Fiber is long and varied. In every category, Bratenahl Fiber is a superior offering. Please take a moment to read through the following information:

  • Real Estate Value: what is the impact
  • Privacy: how unique protections are a class above
  • Security: why this technology is a huge improvement
  • Speed: why bandwidth is a misleading marketing term
  • Reliability: how a unique design ensures unbeatable uptime
  • Service: why a small, local vendor benefits our community
  • Choice: how limited choice harms our community
  • Extended WiFi:  how smart design improves wireless coverage