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5405 Avion Park Dr
Highland Hts, OH 44143

About the Company

Bratenahl Fiber is an independent internet service provider (ISP), just like Timer Warner, ATT, Comcast, etc., but is locally owned, privately held, and operated from an office in Highland Heights. Bratenahl Fiber is registered with Bratenahl Village Hall and is appropriately insured and bonded to do business in Bratenahl and at Bratenahl Place.

Choosing whether or not to use Bratenahl Fiber internet is a per-resident choice and not a building-wide endeavor. Choosing to sign up with Bratenahl Fiber does not mean that anyone has to cancel or disconnect any ATT or Time Warner services. You can be a customer of both, and you are free to switch between all three internet providers at any time. As a home owner you have what is called a “right of access” to data services which protects your right to choose your internet. Just as you have a right to choose your cell phone service, food delivery service, and carpet cleaning service, you have a right to choose your internet service.

About the Owner
Aaron Shaffer is the project lead for Bratenahl Fiber internet. He has been a Bratenahl Place resident for more than 5 years and a Cleveland Resident for more than 15 years. By profession, Aaron is a network engineer with 18 years of professional experience, with background in connecting fiber at other locations and maintaining their 24/7 uptime. He knows who to work with, exactly what equipment is needed, and what the common hiccups are.

Aaron earned his degree from Case Western Reserve University in 2009. When he arrived on campus 15 years ago in 2002, fiber internet was already in place and wired to every student’s dorm room and classroom. In his short time employed at Case, he received the Information Technology Services Employee of the Month award twice. Near the end of his time there, he designed and implemented The Freedman Center in Kelvin Smith Library at Case, the first digital media lab on campus available to students and professors.

In 2009, Aaron declined a formal offer by Case to be the IT Director of the Case School of Engineering. Instead, he left his role there to become an independent consultant. Soon after, the majority of Aaron’s time was purchased by WLS Stamping, a Cleveland based manufacturing firm with three locations. Today he is directly responsible for 24/7 network uptime and monitoring across these three manufacturing facilities, along with regular server and router maintenance and security updates.

In addition to IT Consulting, Aaron has always had an entrepreneurial spirit for community minded services. In 2007 he founded CrossFit CLE in downtown Cleveland, which grew to become the largest, most successful CrossFit gym in Northeast Ohio. In 2008 he was part of an entrepreneurial competition between many universities which was held at Case’s business school. His team won the competition and founded Fresh Fork Market, now Cleveland’s largest Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, delivering fresh foods directly from local farmers to thousands of residents across Cleveland. Fresh Fork even has a drop point right here in Bratenahl at Village Hall on Saturdays at 8:00AM.

Ready to get started?
Please click here to sign up for a pre-service plan at $1/mo until service goes live. We must reach a total of 40 customer accounts for Building 1 and/or 35 customer accounts Building 2 for our service to go live.