Frequently Asked Questions


My internet, television, and/or telephone is bundled with Spectrum (TWC). Can I un-bundle them and keep my television?
Yes. "Bundled" means little more than you happen to get all three over one wire line. But just in case, Bratenahl Fiber’s Subscriber Protection Policy pays Spectrum Cable’s one-time penalty charges, if any, for your cancellation of its internet service so that you can make the switch without extra costs. We will even make the call for you if you prefer, so that you don't have to speak to Spectrum about the change.
How does a TV connect to Bratenahl Fiber?
See this diagram (250k PDF) on how a TV connects to Bratenahl Fiber for streaming video services.
Why would I sign up for a $1/mo plan now if I can just wait?
Bratenahl Fiber must demonstrate a list of active customers who have signed up for service in order to gain access to the building(s) to run wiring. There also needs to be enough customers to distribute the high monthly costs of a high bandwidth fiber backbone. If enough people do not sign up for $1/mo pre-service, Bratenahl Fiber can never actually offer service to the building.
What about those few dollars charged before service starts?
They will be refunded to you. There is no risk to you when signing up for pre-service. You can cancel at any time.
How will the wiring be installed?
The main fiber line will be run into the basement of the building. From there, high quality shielded CAT7 wiring will be run alongside the phone wiring to the phone closets, then up through the hall ceilings and into your suite. The wireless access point will be mounted above or beside your doorway, or in your coat closet if you have one. Additional wiring in and around your suite can be done for an additional cost.
How much will this cost to install?
Installation is free to you, and free to the building. The price you pay monthly will depend on the service plan that you sign up for. A full price list is here.
How long is the contract?
There is no contract. Month-to-month terms are perfect because Bratenahl Fiber will be offering a superior service at a lower cost. There will be no reason to switch back.
Can I plug in a wire instead of just using wireless?
Yes. There is a standard ethernet port in the back of the wireless access point where you can plug in a wired connection.
Which speed should I sign up for?
Sometimes your ATT or TWC cable bill is a bit cryptic and it is hard to understand what speed you have today. There is a quick fix for this. Just go here to test the speed of your current plan.
Are the download/upload speeds really symmetric?
Yes. This is a major distinguishing factor of Bratenahl Fiber internet. Spectrum offers service up to 60Mbs, but that is only for download. The upload speed is limited to 5Mbps! Our 60Mbps plan will be 60 down and 60 up. That’s 12x faster to upload videos and photos iCloud, Dropbox, Facebook, Google Drive, Instagram, Office 365, etc. and is a very welcome change.
I am using ATT or TWC phone service. Do you offer phone service?
With Bratenahl Fiber you have greater choice in choosing your phone provider. If you want to keep a land line phone, you can choose any VoIP provider. There hundreds of them, but we recommend signing up for Ooma because you can keep your existing number when you switch to Ooma. With Ooma, you can even keep your same line when you move, and you can keep your Ooma line if you switch between TWC, ATT, or Bratenahl Fiber. Bratenahl Fiber has no affiliation with Ooma, but they have been the #1 ranked internet phone service for 5 consecutive years and their service is actually free. That's right, unlimited long distance and no monthly fees, only the required taxes!
How can two engineers support the network? Don’t we need a full call center?
The two main benefits of Bratenahl Fiber’s support model are that:

1) An experienced local tech can come onsite rather than someone trying to walk you through confusing technical details on the phone with a thick foreign accent -- a kind foreign person but one who is simply reading call-center scripts without an understanding of how the devices operate or are configured.

2) The result of this is that actual time-to-resolution for any issue will be much lower. The tech who built the network will be the same person who answers the call and makes the onsite visit to troubleshoot. That knowledge means faster time-to-resolution and a more pleasant and ideal end-user experience.

Concerns have been voiced that this may be too much for one person and his backup to handle, and that a full call center is necessary. But consider the following data: we can see in this table below that even in a worst-case scenario at 110 subscribers where a subscriber places with 10 calls per year, even on a busy day Bratenahl Fiber would only need to take three calls on average. And that's at a high subscriber rate, worst case scenario. The reality is that the Bratenahl Fiber network design is much, much more reliable and it is expected there will be at least half the calls per subscriber than TWC or ATT might receive.

Above: the call range is 1 to 21 calls per week, equal to 0 to 3 calls per day

The emotion driven fear of not being able get adequate support should be appeased by the raw data. If Bratenahl Fiber needs to hire a 2nd guy to answer phones, it can do that, but the reality is that the call volume is so low that the need just isn't there. That unnecessary cost of an extra phone team would have to be passed along in the monthly fee.


Ready to get started?
Please click here to sign up for a pre-service plan at $1/mo until service goes live. We must reach a total of 40 customer accounts for Building 1 and/or 35 customer accounts Building 2 for our service to go live.