With as luxurious as Bratenahl Place is in general, the internet services available here are subpar compared to University Circle, downtown Cleveland, and other major cities. There is a reason for this and it is not the buildings’ fault or choosing. The towers happen to be located in a Time Warner zone without any other broadband competitors. Who is the most hated cable company in America? The same company that has a monopoly on Bratenahl Place.

What that means is that while Time Warner Cable is making major speed improvements by deploying their MAXX internet service in other cities where they could possibly lose market share, Bratenahl Place is at the bottom of their upgrade list because there are simply no competitors here and no threat to their business. The recent acquisition of Time Warner Cable by Charter is expected to bring about even further delays and more price hikes (not to be confused with the the Time Warner media arm which is being acquired by ATT).

While other cities have between 100 to 1000 megabit upload speeds, we are stuck here in Bratenahl with a maximum of 5 megabit, and they’re raising everyone’s prices without improving service. Time Warner Cable has a monopoly on broadband internet at Bratenahl Place and it harming everyone with slow speeds, poor service, and steadily increasing prices. It’s time to break this monopoly to everyone’s benefit.


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Please click here to sign up for a pre-service plan at $1/mo until service goes live. We must reach a total of 40 customer accounts for Building 1 and/or 35 customer accounts Building 2 for our service to go live.