Consider this:
Unafflicted by publicly held corporations’ usual policy of maximizing shareholder value by minimizing infrastructure investment and development, the community-based Bratenahl Fiber project recognizes heavily frequented common areas of One Bratenahl Place as parts of its subscribers’ home no less than the individual units subscribers occupy. The OPB Salon, Restaurant, and Penthouse are all scheduled for the same fast, reliable, and secure connectivity as is deployed to BF subscribers’ suites, so that subscribers’ WiFi-enabled mobile devices can be used the same way in any of the 3 common-area ‘hotspots’ as ‘at home’ in suites.

In addition, visitors and all UNsubscibed residents are eligible to connect as guests in all 3 of BF’s common-area ‘hotspots,’ where everyone can experience first-hand and see for themselves the practical superiority of the Bratenahl Fiber network. These 3 extensions of connectivity to common areas are provided at no charge as standard elements of Bratenahl Fiber service and permanent showcases for the Bratenahl Fiber brand.

Consider this:
Bratenahl Fiber’s business plan forthrightly acknowledges that the technology of digital electronic communications (including all aspects of the Internet), is a gradually evolving work-in-progress. While the fiber optic/ethernet foundation of the system that Bratenahl Fiber deploys has reached a stage of maturity sufficient to assure currency for 20 years to come, periodic upgrades of various components are essential to sustain top-flight performance from year to year. Provision for the requisite methodical upgrading is built into Bratenahl Fiber’s business plan. Due to the fundamental physical constraints of their coaxial and flat-wire based systems, BF’s two competitors, Spectrum and AT&T, are able to offer nothing even remotely comparable.

Consider this:
Internet service at Bratenahl Place is a vanishingly small, nonessential concern of AT&T’s or Spectrum’s business. It is community-based Bratenahl Fiber’s sole concern.

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