Network security is a tangible threat. Typical consumer grade routers are often infected by hackers and used to both attack others and to probe your internal network for valuable data. Hacked routers often freeze up, and unfortunately many of us are all too aware of how often this happens and requires a manual reboot. According to the FBI, ransomware infections (which take your computer hostage and demand a fee) are also on the rise.

Residential internet providers like ATT and Time Warner do not provide the malicious traffic filtering and blocking that is standard in most workplaces. Typically the costs to implement enterprise grade security on residential lines is not affordable for them to deploy. Because Bratenahl Fiber internet is built and managed by a local network engineer and security expert with almost 20 years in the field, we can bring you corporate grade IP address filtering and blocking for only $10 / mo. How is that even possible? High end vendors like Cisco and Juniper sell expensive solutions, but often use data provided by the Open Source community to build their bad guy block lists. Access to these lists are almost free, but require quite a bit of technical expertise to implement. Due to our in-house expertise, we can provide high level enterprise grade security filtering for a very low cost.


Beyond the basic IP address level bad guy blocking mentioned above, there are local network issues that need to be addressed when deploying into a building like Bratenahl Place. Bratenahl Fiber internet utilizes a true switched ethernet implementation with full port isolation. This means that it is not possible for your wired internet signal to interact in with your neighbor’s wired internet signal in any way. It is physically blocked off as soon as it hits the utility closet on your floor. Time Warner does not and can not provide this level of secure port isolation and network security. Their coax cable technology necessarily shares and distributes each person’s signal to the entire local network.

On the wireless side of things, Bratenahl Fiber wireless access points will be tuned uniquely to each suite to significantly reduce signal bleed from your suite into your neighbor’s suites. Broadcasting your wireless signal far beyond your suite makes it easier for someone else to tap into it.

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