Try this: call ATT or Time Warner right now and ask them to sign a non-disclosure agreement which prohibits them from sharing your personal information. It will never happen with them, but with Bratenahl Fiber you can get a signed NDA.

Did you know that ATT, Time Warner, and Verizon monitor the websites that you visit and sell that information to advertisers? The monitoring and selling of customers’ online behavior has become such an annoyance that on October 6 the FCC proposed federal regulations to require that internet service providers have to get consent from their customers. One might think that customer consent is an obvious requirement, but ATT, Time Warner, and Verizon pushed back strong on consent and as of March 28 have successfully lobbied the House and the Senate to remove the new privacy protections.

Bratenahl Fiber will not monitor, log, or sell your internet traffic. We’re actually going in the opposite direction, attempting to prevent anyone from logging your online behavior. Bratenahl Fiber will be anonymizing your traffic as much as is technically possible to do so. You can read our full Privacy Policy here.

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