Impact to Real Estate Values

From professional journalists:

“A nationwide study by researchers at the University of Colorado and Carnegie Mellon University finds fiber-optic connections, the fastest type of high speed Internet available, can add $5,437 to the price of a $175,000 home—about as much as a fireplace, or half the value of a bathroom.”

Source: Wall Street Journal

“Slow Internet service now constitutes a major risk for a property’s reputation.” … “Ultrahigh-speed Internet such as Google Fiber still seems a bit fantastical to many people, but developers and real estate professionals say they can’t afford not to integrate the fastest speeds into new buildings any more than they could neglect to install plumbing.”

Source: Charolette Observer

“The availability of really fast broadband in your neighborhood could increase your home’s value by more than 3 percent.

Source: Computer World

“It’s common for prospective buyers to tell their agent they’re looking for, but for the agent then to only show them houses with broadband access. If a house doesn’t have it, he says, the buyers never see it.”

Source: Seven Days

“It’s clear that city officials and managers see significant value in introducing Gigabit Internet service in their cities, and a loss of competitiveness if they don’t. As Koebler points out, more than 1,100 cities are in line with requests that Google introduce Google Fiber in their municipalities.”

Source: Gig Communities

“House hunters in London may be willing to pay up to eight per cent above the market price for properties in areas offering very fast internet speeds.”

Source: Imperial College of London

From your neighbors:

“To be competitive in the luxury condo market, we do need access to high speed internet services. Buyers are constantly inquiring whether Bratenahl Place has that feature.”
Source: Leslie Davidson, Building 2 Resident, RE/MAX Agent

“The availability of speedy Internet service is beginning to affect our home prices. Access to luxury internet service can improve market value up to 5%.”
Source: Mary Ann Carol, Building 1 Resident, MAC Realty Agent

“A Fast, dedicated internet line is the 21st century replacement of the phone line and soon it will become expected from all luxury home buyers and all that work exclusively or periodically at home.”
Source: Judith Hallack, Building 2 Resident, Chestnut Hill Realty Agent

I have reviewed available internet plans for Bratenahl Place and have concluded that the offering by Bratenahl Fiber provides superior offerings when compared to DSL and 75 ohm cable in the Cleveland area. If I were considering to purchase a new suite, I would be more inclined to choose a residence with 21st century internet conductivity.
Source: Sol Bravman, Building 2 Resident
Retired owner/operator of a telecommunication company