We don’t expect you to have any speed or reliability issues with the service, but if you do run into a problem the good news is that you will have local support from a face you will recognize. You will never be sent to a call center in India!

Bratenahl Fiber internet will have enterprise class uptime. There are several reasons for this:

  • Lightning and Surges
    Fiber is inherently immune from lighting strikes and surges. Fiber optic cable is actually made of glass instead of copper and is entirely non-conductive to electricity. The end result is that equipment on both ends of the line are much more safe and reliable.


  • Power Outages
    We install battery backups on both the main router and on the network switches that distribute the lines within the building. The wireless access points will be powered by the switches that are on battery, so they will stay online too. A short power outage won’t take us down. If your laptop or tablet still has a charge, you can continue to use our internet during a full power outage without any impact to your internet connection.


  • Brownouts
    We install voltage regulators to protect our equipment from both surges and brownouts. Power directly from the utility company is simply not stable at the voltage level and that can easily damage expensive computer equipment. Having voltage regulators in place helps to keep your costs down by making sure our equipment can survive through it’s expected lifetime.


  • Hardware Failure
    Even with the best protections in place, sometimes network hardware will fail. Bratenahl Fiber will have spares on site for instant replacement whether it’s the main router, a distribution switch, or a wireless access point. No other internet service provider can provide this level of protection.


  • Software Glitches
    The router technology used by Bratenahl Fiber has been in development since 1993. It is respected as one of the most reliable network operating systems available and is used by thousands of enterprises around the world.


  • Security Vulnerabilities
    The router code itself is Open Source so bugs are located and patched quickly, much faster than most commercial vendors. This is crucial because online attacks are becoming more and more common every year and can take an entire network offline. No system is perfect, but a hacking issue is less likely to happen to our routers than many other common brands.


  • Monitoring and Alerts
    Even with all the items listed above, no setup is perfect. Real-time traffic monitoring is crucial to providing the highest quality service. Historical traffic graphs help to pinpoint the precise timing and root cause of network disruptions. Below is a screenshot of the real-time 24/7 monitoring software we use. It is well developed and in use by over 150,000 different network administrators worldwide.


Ready to get started?
Please click here to sign up for a pre-service plan at $1/mo until service goes live. We must reach a total of 40 customer accounts for Building 1 and/or 35 customer accounts Building 2 for our service to go live.